"Luxury is not a necessity to me, but beautiful and good things are."

Anaïs Nin

eachday is here to inspire simple living and help you to create the calm and ease you so desire.  

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Slow Down and take a breath

With eachday, I celebrate living a life centred around the trilogy of home, health and happiness.

I believe that these three key areas of our lives bring us to a place of fulfilment. If we learn to accept our current reality, then we are able to make small changes in our daily lives which eventually result in huge, often meaningful breakthroughs.

The world can be a challenging place to live whatever our circumstances.  I invite you to follow a journey to create a peaceful, simple home to build a balanced, healthy life and to embrace the happiness you deserve. 

Our beautiful things for simple living are here to support you on a spiritual, peaceful journey eachday. Rather than filling this site to the brim with anything and everything you don’t need, I have curated items that are both beautiful and useful and will hopefully bring value and meaning to your life.

I hope you will begin to fill your home and your life with only what you truly love and need and learn to simply let everything else go.

I hope you enjoy a few moments of mindful browsing.